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Splendor of Italian Camellias Borromeo’s Islands and Rovelli’s camellias

Splendor of Italian Camellias Borromeo’s Islands and Rovelli’s camellias

Chuxiong Camellia, its discovery history and present development

Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, located in the middle of Yunnan Plateau of China, has a long history of cultivating camellias

Characterization and identification of old Camellia japonica L. cultivars growing at the Pazo de Gandarón, Pazo de Lourizán, Soutomaior Castle and at the urban gardens of Pontevedra and Santiago de Compostela (NW Spain)

The aim of this study was to characterize and identify the camellias grown in the historic gardens of Pazo de Gandarón (Pontevedra), Soutomaior Castle (Soutomaior), Pazo de Lourizán (Pontevedra), Alameda of Santiago de Compostela city and urban gardens in Pontevedra city

The Soutomaior Botanic Park and its camellia collection

The present work gives an account of the historic events surrounding the property and the gardens, paying special attention to the creation and enlargement of the Botanic Park and especially to the camellia collection.

Ancient camellias in Galicia and Portugal

In Galicia (NW Spain) and Portugal there are many old camellias, some of them more than 150 years old, which can be found both in public and private gardens.

Monumental camellias of Galicia

The Camellia genus has ten remarkable, monumental and singular trees, all growing along the Galician western coast and in Galician pazos.
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