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C.japonica ‘Cockii’

C.japonica 'cockii'Originator;  Auguste de Cock (1804-1869), of Ghent, Belgium. Mr de Cock was a Member of Parliament and a keen gardener.

It was first exhibited in Ghent in 1834, at the exhibition organised by the Société Royale d’Agriculture et d’Horticulture.

Over the years it has acquired the synonyms; ‘Triumphans de Gand’, ‘Triomphe de Gand’, ‘Drouetti’, and ‘Rosea Triumphans’.

Illustration; Iconographie, Bèrlese, Vol.3, 1843, pl.247.

Commentary by Marc de Coninck, Belgium, 2012.




As with many camellias of Belgian origin, ‘Cockii’ has been widely exported over Europe.

This camellia will soon be re-introduced into the Belgian National Camellia Collection in Het Leen, Eeklo, Belgium.

Location of old-established plants;

 Villa Lang (formerly Villa Priami), Tripalle, Pisa province, Tuscany region; 

 Villa di Campaglia, Carrare, Massa and Carrare province, Tuscany region.



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