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Pazo de Rubianes: a project in search of sustainability

Hermo Gómez G.

Pazo de Rubianes, Rúa do Pazo 7 Rubianes, Vilagarcía de Arousa, 36619 Pontevedra, Spain. E-mail:

Aims of this presentation

The three main aims of the presentation are:

  • Let people know about Galicia´s great botanical, architectural, historical and cultural heritage to be found in pazos
  • To convey the need to find activities that will ensure their sustainability and guarantee their future.
  • To highlight the fact that Pazos are a great tourist attraction all-year-round differentiating tourist attraction. Tourist activity should be one the main resources to guarantee their sustainability.

1What tourist activity provides for Galician Pazos:

  • Broadcasting and promotion of an important Galician heritage.
  • Promotion of Galician Botanical and Architectural Culture.
  • Increase of environmental awareness and respect for nature
  • A totally compatible activity with this heritage.

What pazos offer their visitors:

  • History of Galicia.
  • The amazing world of botany, in many cases with the camellia at the forefront.
  • Galcian Art and architecture
  • Natural environments of outstanding beauty and great environmental value.

4The camellia is the differentiating element of a Galician tourist product which is unique both in Spain and Europe: The Route of the Galician Camellia and Gardens.

5Pazo de Rubianes, the founders of Villa de García - Villagarcía. (D. García Caamaño, Señor de Rubianes 1.431).

6Pazo de Rubianes and sustainability:

  • Economic sustainability.
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Historical, cultural and social sustainability.

Creation of tourist product: Pazo de Rubianes:

  • The route of the camellia.
  • 7The route of Rías Baixas wine.

8The route of the camellia and historical gardens of Galicia:

  • It is one of the best defined routes in Galicia.
  • Has great potential tourist attraction for visitors of mid to high level.
  • It is perfectly complemented with other products and is the perfect match for the Route of Rías Baixas Wine.
  • Behind the Route there is very important work carried out: Diputación de Pontevedra, Xunta de Galicia, garden owners, camellia fans and lovers and the professional tourist sector.

9The basis of our action in the tourist sector:

  • Hard work.
  • Involvement and commitment.
  • Coordination and cooperation.
  • Encourage botanical culture in Galicia and Spain.

The guided tour

Live the Pazo de Rubianes experience.

10Walk among camellias and vineyards

Why the guided tour?

  • We accompany our visitors in order to make them a part of our project and share a passion with us
  • It is the best way to convey the essence of the project
  • Continuous interaction with the group
  • Knowledge of what visitors expects, key to reach full satisfaction

What Pazo de Rubianes offers our visitors

  • Today:
    • Galician history and architecture
    • Route of the camellia and the historical gardens of Galicia
    • Botanical park.
    • Wine tourism. Route of Rías Baixas wine.
    • Golf course
  • In the near future:
    • Club house with restaurant and beautiful views.
    • Trekking routes.
    • Padel court1 and swimming pool.
    • MTB2
    • Etc…

1                      Small enclosed tennis-type court
2                      Mountain bikes

The products of Pazo de Rubianes

11Wine bottles, handmade jewellery and
camellia oil from Pazo de Rubianes

12The camellia shows

Botanical park of Pazo de Rubianes.

13Candidate to garden of international camellia excellence.
Galicia 2014.

The vineyards and the Pazo de Rubianes wines, the perfect match with the camellia

14The wine which is born among camellias

15 16 




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