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Que SerĂ¡ SerĂ¡

(C. japonica)


Nuccio's Nurseries Catalogue, 1982, #7830: Rich coral pink. Large. Highly variable form, everything from semi-double with Higo-type flared stamens to loose anemone and peony forms. Strong and upright. Mid-season. American Camellia Yearbook, 1982, p.172, Reg. No.1812: A large, light, coral pink, semi-double to anemone form C.japonica chance seedling, that blooms early to mid-season. Originated by Nuccio's Nurseries, Altadena, Cali- fornia, USA. The 4 year old seedling first bloomed 1987. Average flower size is 12-13 cm across. Plant growth is upright and rapid with dark green leaves. See colour photo, front cover, SCCS, 1984, The Camellia Review, vol.45, No.4. Chinese synonym: 'Taiyangshen'.


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