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Rosea Superba (US)

(C. japonica)


Gerbing's Azalea Gardens Catalogue, 1940-1941 invalidly as 'Rosea Superba': 'Formerly catalogued as Mathotiana Rosea. Since many nurseries have the pink sport of Mathotiana Alba listed as Mathotiana Rosea, which is not the same as our large 'rosea' we are changing the name of our variety to 'Rosea Superba'. A full double, very large, to 15 cm across, deep pink bloom resembling [its parent] Julia Drayton in form and foliage. Early to late flowering. It is a sport of Julia Drayton. imbricated on first opening, changing to incomplete double. Deep pink at petal base with the outer petals streaked deep pink. Pseudonym: 'Mathotiana Rosea'. Synonyms: 'Ada Wilson', 'Laura Dasher', 'Maquachu'. Sport: 'Rosea Superba Variegated'. See colour pl. G.C. Gerbing, 1945. Camellias, p.193; Macoboy, 1981, The Colour Dictionary of Camellias, p.115. Chinese synonym: 'Saimeigui'.

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