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Spring Fever

(C. japonica)


Belle Fontaine Nursery, 1967, ACS, The Camellia Journal, vol.22, No.3, p.20. No description. Pitkin, 1968. American Camellia Yearbook, p.121: Originated by Nuccio's Nurseries, Altadena, California, USA as a seedling of Jessie Katz. A very large, rose-pink. Semidouble to loose, peony form double with wavy petals. Blooms mid-season to late on a bushy, upright, vigorous plant. See colour photo facing p.150, American Camellia Yearbook. 1969 and front cover, SCCS., 1967, The Camellia Review, vol.29, No.l. Sport: Spring Fever Variegated.


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