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Curtain Call

(C. reticulata)


Nuccio's Nurseries Catalogue, 1979; American Camellia Yearbook, 1980, p.162, Reg. No.1607: A very large, deep, coral rose, semi-double C.reticulata chance seedling, Altadena, California, USA. The 4 year old seedling first bloomed 1976. Flower size, 15-17.5 cm across. Plant growth is open and rapid with light green leaves, 12.5 cm long by 6 cm wide. Colour photo inside front cover ACS., 1980, The Camellia Journal, vol.35, No.4 and on the front cover of SCCS, 1981, The Camellia Review, vol.42, No.4. Sport: Curtain Call Variegated. Chinese synonym: 'Xiemu'.


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