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Garden Glory

(C. x williamsii)


Nuccio's Nurseries Catalogue, 1974 as #6801; American Camellia Yearbook, 1979, p.106, Reg. No.1516: A medium sized, rich orchid pink, rose form double hybrid (C.saluenensis x C.japonica) seedling, flowering early to late. Orginated by Nuccio's Nurseries, Altadena, California, USA. The 10 year old seedling first bloomed in 1968. Average flower size is 8.5 cm across. Commercially released 1974. Plant growth is upright and rapid in rate with dark green leaves, 5 cm x 3.2 cm. See colour plate front cover, SCCS, 1978, The Camellia Review, vol.39, No.3. Orthographic error: 'Garden Glow'.


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