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Gwenneth Morey

(C. japonica)


ACRS., 1963, Foundation Branch Newsletter; American Camellia Yearbook, 1966, p.90, Reg. No.898: This anemone form flower has about 10 outer white petals which surround a mound of deep cream to pale primrose yellow petaloids. Size is 8 cm across x 3 cm deep. Flowers mid-season to late. Plant growth is upright and medium in rate with dark green leaves, 7.5 cm long x 3 cm wide. A chance seedling of Edith Linton that first bloomed 1961. Originated by Dr B.R. Morey, NSW, Australia. Orthographic error: 'Gwenert Morey', 'Gwenyth Morey'. . Colour plate 76, p,45, Encyclopedia of Camellias in Colour, vol.II, 1978. Chinese synonym: 'Aozhou Huang'. NOTE: Brushfield's Yellow, Jury's Yellow and Gwenneth Morey look very simlar. Jury's Yellow is the only hybrid, it has a hairy ovary and stigma, while the others have a smooth one.Gwenneth Morey is wider and less anemone form (wider and paler petaloids)

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