Pazo de Torres de Agrelo

The houseIt is situated halfway between Vigo and Pontevedra, in the municipalty of Redondela. Its origin dates back to the XIX century, when it was an old Franciscan monastery.

C. sasanqua 'Kellingtonia'The façade of the house has a rectangular shape, with a long central body placed between two towers with merlons. There is a continuous terrace or balcony which provides a viewpoint onto the area around Vigo.

With an area of around 8 hectares, there are many important plants, such as azaleas, magnolias and tangerines. But the camellias are the most important elements of the garden, mainly because of their famous examples of the fragrant cultivars 'Baron de Soutelinho' and 'Kellingtonia'. These flowers were displayed by its former propietor Mª Eugenia Iturria from the first Concurso Exposición Internacional de la Camelia in 1965 and were awarded prizes on several occasions.The specimens of C. sasanqua 'Barón de Soutelinho' and 'Kellingtonia' are listed in the Galician Monumental Tree Catalogue. 'Kellingtonia' is multi-stemmed almost at ground level, with the trunks distributed radially, forming a wide canopy. Both specimens were planted in the second half of the 19th century.

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Fernando Marcote Villar
Pazo Torres de Agrelo
Asnelle de Abaixo, 130 Reboreda , 36800, Rendondela (Pontevedra)

Tel: 986408021
Fax: 986402126

Directions: situated on the N-550 road between Pontevedra and Vigo, near Redondela.

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October until May


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