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ICS Committee for Historic Camellia Conservation

This new Committee aims to generate within the ICS a new focus on conservation of historic camellias, reflecting growing awareness and interest in many parts of the camellia growing world.

Bruce Hopper

Bruce Hopper has painted watercolours of camellias from his collection at Diamond Beach

Camellia name dropping.

A speech given by Lynnette Gleeson on the occasion of the meeting of the Hume Camellia Society, 16-11-2013

Preserving Camellias in wax

Camellia blooms may be preserved in wax. Vesna Gjurgjan details the method.

Ostrich Eggs and Camellias

Orsola Poggi is reviving the ancient tradition of decorating Ostrich eggs.

Marie-José Leenders

Marie-Jose Leenders was inspired by some old haikus and by a camellia from the garden of one of her friends

The Changing World of Tea Blends

in the UK, our love for tea has dramatically changed – not necessarily declined.

Computers used for conservation, knowledge and research of camellias

We have surveyed feasible computer technology for the knowledge and conservation of camellias.

Pazo de Rubianes a project in search of sustainability

Let people know about Galicia´s great botanical, architectural, historical and cultural heritage to be found in pazos.

Historic Gardens of São Miguel Island in the Azores

The historical gardens of São Miguel are a cultural resource that should be seen as complementary to core products that target Nature Heritage.

Camellias as part of the composition of the gardens of Porto

Porto is a city with a significant heritage of gardens and historical estates with a specific history and identity in which the camellia appears as a striking element.

Properties of oils from three camellia species

Investigation into the physical, chemical and biological properties of camellia oils and their implications for possible pharmaceutical use.

The Route of the Camellia & the Galicia Tourist Brand

Branding is perhaps the most powerful marketing weapon available to destination marketers who are dealing with tourists who are increasingly seeking lifestyle fulfilment and experience.

The Camellia Route of winter gardens in Galicia

In Spain, old camellia specimens and a high diversity of camellia cultivars can be found only in Galicia, making camellias a key resource for the promotion of tourism.

Galician camellia oil soap

Camellia oil is being used in hand-made natural soap produced by the Monastery of Armenteira

Old Camellias, new ways

This project aims at developing tourist experiences that promote science education, environment awareness and heritage conservation, based on the outstanding camellia collection in Galicia.

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