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Computers used for conservation, knowledge and research of camellias

We have surveyed feasible computer technology for the knowledge and conservation of camellias.

Dyeing with Camellias

In December 2014 I attended a botanical dyeing workshop with Australian printmaker and art book maker, Elizabeth Jeneid, in her studio at Mt Kembla near Wollongong.

The Changing World of Tea Blends

in the UK, our love for tea has dramatically changed – not necessarily declined.

Marie-José Leenders

Marie-Jose Leenders was inspired by some old haikus and by a camellia from the garden of one of her friends

Ostrich Eggs and Camellias

Orsola Poggi is reviving the ancient tradition of decorating Ostrich eggs.

Preserving Camellias in wax

Camellia blooms may be preserved in wax. Vesna Gjurgjan details the method.

Camellia name dropping.

A speech given by Lynnette Gleeson on the occasion of the meeting of the Hume Camellia Society, 16-11-2013

Bruce Hopper

Bruce Hopper has painted watercolours of camellias from his collection at Diamond Beach

ICS Committee for Historic Camellia Conservation

This new Committee aims to generate within the ICS a new focus on conservation of historic camellias, reflecting growing awareness and interest in many parts of the camellia growing world.

Genesis of the Apoliu Declaration - ICS Committee for Historic Camellia Conservation

A very successful meeting of the ICS Committee for Historic Camellia Conservation was held in Conghua, Guangdong Province, China, on 18-19 October 2019. Indeed, at this meeting, a declaration for historic camellia conservation, named the Apoliu Declaration, was defined and discussed.

My story with Camellia of Apoliu. Hou Wenqing.

Where does the name of Apoliu comes from?. Camellia species, resources and historic camellia conservation in Apoliu...

A Rapid Non-distructive Tool to Measure Ages. Li Jiyuan

A Rapid Non-distructive Tool to Measure Ages of Living Camellias

Large and historic camellias in Portugal. Joana Andresen Guedes

The oldest camellia: C. jap. ‘Rubra’ at Quinta de Campo Belo; C. japonica ‘Variegata’ at Quinta de Fiães – 204 years old; The largest camellia trees: ‘Paeoniiflora’;...

The Outline and Conservation of Historic Ancient Camellia Trees in Yunnan Province. Prof. Wang Zhonglang

The characteristics of Ancient Camellias in Yunnan; Some important species with ancient trees in Yunnan; One Community and three outstanding ancient Camellia trees in Yunnan; Suggestions

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