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Chinese Camellia Cultural Park

Yuedan Pavilion beside Lotus pondGarden Overview

Chinese Camellia Culture Park (CCCP) is in Jinhua city, where it is called “the Township of Chinese Camellia”. CCCP was created in 2002 as the unique theme park for the spread of Chinese camellia culture and in order to popularise camellia knowledge . This garden has an area of more than 350 Mu, divided into five sections: Hua-foding, Songzi, Hua-heling, Xueta and an aquatic pool. The garden also has bamboo, masson pine, Cinnamomum camphora, Osmanthus fragrans and many other flowers. The white pagoda, lakes and hills have very classic Chinese landscape characteristics.

Our Camellias

C.azalea seedling bred by CCCPCCCP collected more than 300 different cultivars of C.japonica, C.reticulata, C.sansaqua and C.nitidissima, with more than 20,000 individuals. Amongst these are famous traditional Chinese cultivars such as C.japonica 'Hua-foding', 'Hua heling' and 'Yuanyang fengguan' . C.reticulata 'Hengtiangao' and 'Tongzimian'  as well as foreigner cultivars such as 'High Fragrance','Black Magic','Elegans Splendor','Carter’s Sunburst','Valentine Day'. The garden also has some rare and endangered camellia species such as C.nitidissima, C.euphlebia, C.amplexicaulis, C.uraku and C.azalea. Since 2010, CCCP has tried to breed some new cultivars and has succeded with some seedlings of C.azalea.

Contact Details

Chinese Camellia Culture Park (CCCP)
966 Jinfan Street, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China PRC   
Tel: 86-579-82270920


Visitor information

Opening Times

Open all year round
6:30 am - 6:00 pm every day

Free Entry

Best Time to Visit

C.sasanqua, japonica, C.reticulata
late February - mid April
February - March


966 jinfan street
Jinhua city
Zhejiang province


Disabled access

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