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Goto Camellia Forest Park

Goto Camellia Forest ParkGarden Overview

Saikai National Park, 82,000 square meters in total area, consists of a Camellia Garden of 60,000 square meters and an Arboretum of 22,000 square meters. Goto Camellia Forest Park, is located halfway up Onidake Arboretum at an altitude of 315m. The Park offers an enjoyable time to visitors regardless of the season of the year: Cherry blossoms and Rhododendrons in the spring, Hydrangeas and tender green plants in the summer, the changing colours of the deciduous trees in the autumn and Camellias in the winter. A guide map of the park is available free of charge to indicate the specific areas where individual camellia species and cultivars are growing, with labels attached.

Our Camellias

C. 'Tama-no-ura'Goto Camellia Forest Park is unique in that it provides specific information of a wide range of camellia species and cultivars. About 300 cultivars are arranged according to flower types, colours, blooming times and origins. A total of 3,000 camellia trees are planted including 50 selections of the productive Yabutsubaki for oil production, collected from the different areas of the Goto Islands. More than 100 trees of 'Tama-No-Ura', a widely adored camellia from Goto are planted in the central part of the park, and are greatly admired by every visitor.  Historic old camellia trees are preserved in the park. Additional mature camellia trees have been planted by different citizen groups at events such as a graduation or other special celebrations. A database of.camellia species and cultivars is available on request.

Contact Details

Goto Camellia Park
1757 Kamisakiyama-cho, Goto, Nagasaki
Onidake Arboretum
2083-2 Kamisakiyama-cho, Goto, Nagasaki

Tel: (81) 959 72 6111 

Visitor information

Opening Times

Never closed

No entry fees

Best Time to Visit

January - March


1757 Kamisakiyama-cho
(81) 959 72 6111


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