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Trévarez estate

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Garden overview

Located in western French Brittany, the 850.000 square meters park surrounds the neo-gothic “pink castle”. Designed at the edge of the 20th century, they both went through quite an eventful history.

The park is a nice example of the Belle-Époque landscape design: a vast woodland with several smaller forms, such as the Italian, Regular, Japanese, and Rocaille gardens.

Opened to the public since 1971, completely reorganized after being severely damaged by a hurricane in 1987, the park and gardens now hold a great acid-loving plant collection, including about 750 camellia species and cultivars and the French national collection of rhododendron cultivars.

The estate also offers many events through a rich and diverse artistic and cultural program.

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Our camellias

The collection was initiated in 1970, based on the 250 older camellias and rhododendrons that were planted at the end of the 19th century. The collection reached 350 cultivars by 1995, but it has gone through a major restructuration since 2006. Now with about 750 taxa, the collection does not try to get as many different varieties as possible, but emphasizes on interdisciplinary approach, especially historic and cultural. To name a few examples:

  • The camellia woodland illustrates to the history of camellias in the West. From 1800 until 2000, 50 year slices show how the camellia has evolved through fashions, techniques, etc.
  • The camellia glade displays the main species and the concepts of sports, seedlings and hybrids
  • The seedling area, near the Labotanique, teaches everything about camellia selection, from pollinating to selling


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Visitor information

Opening Times

See website for details.  

Entry Fees:
Full price 7€, reduced prices 1€ and 4€

Best Time to Visit

March to May

Château de Trévarez
Saint Goazec


Disabled access

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