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Arboretum Provinciaal Domein Het Leen


Garden Overview

The garden is part of a larger recreational park and has a surface of about 6 hectares. It was started around 1980, with a modest collection of indigenous woody plants. Since then, the collection has steadily grown to over 9000 specimen, with an emphasis on Camellia, Rhododendron, Viburnum, Magnolia and Geranium.

Every season has something to offer. In spring you can admire the stunning flowers of Magnolia and Rhododendron. In summer the hardy plants steal the show, and a few months later you can enjoy the magnificent autumn colours of Liriodendron or the flowering Camellia sasanqua. Even in wintertime, some plants are blooming and at the end of winter, the first flowers of Camellia appear.

The garden takes pride not only in the large collection, but also in the environmentally friendly maintenance. The scientifically accurate labelling of plants is another characteristic of the garden.

There is a small reception centre, with an exhibition.

C. jap. "Oost-Vlaamse Heerlijkheid" C. jap. "De Schone van het Leen"

Our Camellias

There are over 1250 specimens of Camellia present. The emphasis is on botanical species, Higo camellia and historical cultivars of Belgian origin.

Download our camellias list.


Contact Details

Gentsesteenweg 80, B-9900 Eeklo, Belgium.
Tel: +32(0)93767474 
Email: het.leen@oost-vlaanderen.be
Web: www.hetleen.be


Visitor information

Opening Times

Every day of the year
Opens 9.00AM
Closing time varies:
from 5.00PM in winter
until 9.00PM in summer

Admission is free

Best Time to Visit

From March (Camellia, Magnolia)
until May (Rhododendron, Viburnum)


Gentsesteenweg 80


Disabled access

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