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Nanshan Botanical Garden

Nanshan GardenGarden Overview

Nanshan arboretum is located on the south bank of the Yangtze River in downtown Chongqing, in the southwest of China. The arboretum includes six species oriented gardens, three landscape gardens and a greenhouse. This means that it is beautiful in every season, especially in the Spring.

Our Camellias

Gold scentedThe Camellia garden is one of the species oriented gardens and has 573 different camellias amongst its 50,000 plants. There are more than 200 examples of camellias which are already over 100 years old and the "Red Gold Top" is over 350 years old. Even at this great age they still show their many beautiful flowers every year.    

The Camellia garden is divided into three: Sichuan camellias, Yunnan camellias and the Gold scented camellias. There are 16 different Gold scented camellias which are very precious.

In March 2010, The 7th China Camellia congress and Camellia breeding conference was held in the Nanshan arboretum to much praise.

The Nanshan arboretum collects, breeds and categorises the different kinds of camellia and publishes the list of Sichuan Camellia species.

Contact Details

Nanshan Arboretum
101 Nanshan Arboretum Road, Nanan district, Chongqing
(About 15 kilometers from downtown Chongqing)  
Tel: 023—62479135
Email: cqnsbg@126.com
Web: www.cqnsbg.com

Visitor information

Opening Times

Every Day
8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Main area: 20 RMB
Greenhouse: 50RMB

Best Time to Visit

Other Camellias
November - May


101 Nanshan Arboretum Road
Nanan district


Disabled access
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