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Apoliu camellia valley

Garden Overview

Apoliu 1

Apoliu camellia valley is a beautiful camellia garden located in Apoliu village, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China, where surrounded by a virgin forest. The village sits in the north of Nankun Mountain, the latitude is N23° 41', and the altitude is around 650 meters above sea level, which is also known as the highest natural village in Guangzhou area. At this latitude and altitude level, it is well-known as a natural oxygen bar. The negative oxygen ion content here could up to 100,000 / cm3. In addition, the village is 270 years old, with a long camellia culture that Camellia ptilophylla has been plant for 160 years, and green tea cultivation for 70 years.

Our Camellias

Apoliu camellia valley has been committed to the collection, preservation, cultivation, breeding, research and promotion of camellia varieties and species. Apoliu camellia valley is set in around 400 hectares of land. There are 20 hectares covered by camellia, and they are divided into 11 parks, with a total over 600 kinds of camellia varieties and species; and 548 could be defined. It is such a unique camellia garden with so many varieties and species in China. The list of those 11 parks are: C. reticulata Cultivar Garden, C. japonica Cultivar Garden, C. sasanqua Cultivar Garden, Camellia Species Garden, Ever-blooming Camellia Hybrid Garden, Yellow Camellia Garden, Outstanding Camellia Cultivars Garden, Fragrant Camellia Garden, Tea Garden, International Camellia Friendship Garden and Agricultural Civilization Garden. Within the garden, there are some special and valuable camellia species in the valley, for example, Camellia suaveolens which flowers are fragrant and Camellia ptilophylla which leaves are usually covered by villus and the leaves can be used for making super tea. What is more, you can find some famous tea trees plant here, for example, "Yinghong No.9", "Jinxuan", "Nankun Camellia ptilophylla " and so on. And there are over 50 kinds of Magnolia, nearly 100 kinds of Azalea and Rhododendron (such as YingShanhong, Lantana Rhododendron, etc.) you could found in the Tea garden. Above all, in Apoliu camellia valley, a various of high-end flowers bloom in different season, and we could nearly say that ’we have flowers for our investors to enjoy all year round’.

Apoliu Camellia ValleyAerial photo of Apoliu Camellia Valley


Apoliu Camellia 1Camellia suaveolens Apoliu Camellia 2Camellia ptilophylla


Apoliu Camellia 3Apoliu Nvshen Apoliu Camellia 4Apoliu shuixing Apoliu Camellia 5Apoliu Zhichen


Above are 3 new camellia hybrids bred by the Valley and registered in
the Chinese Branch Camellia Society in 2019


Apoliu Camellia 6‘Shiba Xueshi’, a traditional
C. japonica cultivar in China
Apoliu Camellia 7‘Liujiao Dahong’, a traditional
C. japonica cultivar in China
Apoliu Camellia 8‘Xiameng Chunling’, an
ever-blooming hybrid



Contact Details

Apoliu camellia valley
Apoliu village, jincun village committee, liangkou town, conghua district, guangzhou city, guangdong province, China
Tel: +86-0757-22664438
Email: apoliu66@outlook.com
Website: http://www.apoliu.com/
Contact: Mr. Hou Wenqing

Visitor information

Opening Time

From 8:00 to 17:30, every day
Entrance fee: Admission may be free, by donation or by set fee as the garden determines for its needs.

Best Time to Visit

  • Camellias: Mid-November to next March

  • Magnolias: January to March

  • Azaleas: January to Aprill

  • Rhododendeons: March to April


Apoliu village, jincun village committee
Liangkou town
Conghua district
Guangdong province



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