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Nanning Golden Camellia Park

Scene in the Park

Garden Overview

Lots of Red Camellias as wellNanning Golden Camellia Park is the first theme garden featuring golden camellias (otherwise known as the ‘Queen of Camellias’) which are celebrated as one of the top ten traditional flowers in China. There are now 13,577 camellia plants from 517 camellia species.

The park is located beside South Lake and opened in December 1995; it covers an area of 23.78 hectares, of which 17.71 hectares (74.5%) is green land.

 This park has been designed for multiple functions including sightseeing, leisure, entertainment, scientific research and production.

Our Camellias

The popular camellia cultivar garden, a major attraction of the park, is home to a total of 8,160 camellias from 302 camellia species and cultivars including yellow camellias, Camellia japonica, C. oleifera and C. sasanqua. Every year from November to April, different types of camellias are in bloom and attract a large number of local visitors.

The gene bank of yellow camellias in the park was initially established in 1981 and nowadays is the largest in the world with collections of 3,100 plants from 33 camellia species and varieties.

Camellia technicians in the park have already successfully bred eight new yellow camellia hybrids. In 2010, two new crossbred yellow camellias cultivars ‘Dongyue’ and ‘Jinbei Danxin’ were successfully registered by the China Camellia Nomenclature Committee.

C. nitidissima

 C. nitidissima

C. 'Dongyue'

C. 'Dongyue'



Visitor information

Opening Times

Open 24 hours a day
Seven days a week

Free to the public

Best Time to Visit

Yellow camellias and C. japonica start their flowering in November, December - February
optimum viewing time

C. sasanqua
October - November


No. 3-5 Gecun Road
(86) 0771-5869282


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