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Villa Motta

Garden Overview

villa motta 1Villa Motta is on the Orta Lake, west of Lake Maggiore, a region defined by many as “Camellia paradise”, thanks to its acid soil, mild temperate climate, and generous rain. Orta is close to Milan – 1-hour drive – and visited throughout the year. Villa Motta is a Historical Mansion under the patronage of Governmental Authority for Landscape and Cultural Heritage. The estate is owned by Motta family. The park, started before 1865, was renovated in 1979, after a turmoil torn down almost all trees. The park of 1 hectare, is served by a network of paths that go around the beds, where trees and bushes are planted. Conceived for a year-round enjoyment, it is ever-blooming, with sasanquas in winter, japonicas in early spring, then azaleas (Satsuki and Kurume), rhododendron hybrids and species (arboreum, yakushimanum, macabeanum, etc.) botanical and ancient roses (hugonis, banksiae, bracteata, roxburghii, etc.) in April-June, Hydrangeas (macropylla, petiolatris, involucrata, etc.) in June-August and finally numerous gigantic Osmanthus (delavay, fragrans, heterophyllus) in September-October. The most spectacular blooming is an edge of 250 pink Satsuki azaleas, typically flowering in the last week of April.

Our Camellias

The camellia collection is oriented to japonicas (about 150 varieties) and winter camellias (about 60), with a few species and hybrids (about 40). Our moderate fresh climate, while allowing camellias to thrive in full sun, is too cold for tender hybrids and species (e.g. Camellia nitidissima). The numerous winter camellias (sasanqua, hiemalis, vernalis, granthamiana) are planted along the lake bank, and behind the Villa. Sasanquas enjoy our weather and easily reach 5 meters. Japonicas, planted on hill slope, include numerous antique Italian varieties, such as “Vergine di Collebeato” and “L’avvenire”, and our oldest camellia “Bella Lambertii” planted before 1900. The tallest camellia is the saluenensis “Professor Gianmario Motta”, named by Professor Gao after the owner of Villa Motta. All camellias are numbered and labeled, and a catalogue of camellias shows the position of each individual plant.

Download our camellias list.

villa motta 2

Villa Motta’s garden map: beds on the lake bank host winter camellias and roses


villa motta 3The saluenensis hybrid “Professor Gianmario Motta” on Mid-March


Contact Details

Villa Motta
Via Motta 24, 28016 Orta San Giulio (NO), Italy
Tel: +39-335-611-7702; +39-335-274-261
Email: motta05@unipv.it


Visitor information

Villa Motta is a private mansion where visitors are typically welcome by the owner; please reserve by mail or Whatsapp; with groups up to 20 people; cars or buses should be parked in Municipality parking lot.

Entry fee - Free for ICS, ACM and RHS members

Best Time to Visit

  • Winter Camellias: November to February (peak in November)
  • Spring Camellias: March to early April.
  • Azaleas: Mid to late April
  • Roses: May to early June
  • Hydrangeas: June to August
  • Osmanthus: Late September to early October


Via Motta 24
Orta San Giulio
+39-335-611-7702; +39-335-274-261



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