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Pazo Santa Cruz de Rivadulla

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Garden Overview

The Pazo de Santa Cruz de Rivadulla is settled on a “Casal” or medieval place called Ortigueira. The property is around 30 hectares and is owned by the same family from the early years of the 16th Century. It is regarded as a part of “Galicia´s Green Heritage” thanks to its extraordinary diversity and ornamental floral richness.

The uniqueness of the Pazo and Garden stems from a unitary layout, designed in the first century of its existence, divided by three stone walls. The main wall circumscribes the area while the two inner walls delimit three spaces: cultivation, forest woodland, and the reserved area for orchard and garden. The agricultural environment cannot be separated from the garden because they are a whole. A remarkable example are the crop fields flanked by olive trees shaping striking avenues.


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Our Camellias

The oldest Camellias in Santa Cruz: On an unknown date, possibly during the seventeenth century or as late as the eighteenth century, some camellias were planted from seed ‐ of simple red flower ‐ next to the main promenade of the garden which belonged to the 16th century layout. Four specimens survived, separated about four meters, which already reached maturity, attaining an approximate height of 11.5 m. These are the oldest camellias in Spain.

The naturalized camellia forest, unique in Spain: The antiquity of single‐flower camellias, as well as the unique conditions of Pazo de Santa Cruz, with a humid and gloomy environment with freedom for development, has spread seeds over years. As a result, a “natural camellia forest” has grown.

The collections of ancient Camellias: On another walk, with a more modern layout ‐ early 18th century ‐ are very old specimens, with double or anemone flowers, such as Camellia ‘Orandakô’, planted at a later date, that probably arrived as plants. The collection of camellias was increased throughout the nineteenth century, in other parts of the garden, by planting them on side paths.

The Camellias in Santa Cruz during the 20th century: Since the mid‐twentieth century the collection has been augmented with over hundred varieties.

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Contact Details

Mr. Juan Armada Diez de Rivera

Lugar de Ortigueira, Santa Cruz de Rivadulla, Vedra, 15880 A Coruña (Spain)
Tel: +34 981 512 011
Email: visitas@ortigueira.info
Web: www.pazoderivadulla.com


Visitor information

Opening Times

From Monday to Saturday:

Winter: 10:00 to 13:00 h. // 15:00 to 18:00 h.
Summer: 10:00-13:00 h. //16:00 to 20:00 h.
Sundays and bank holidays only open in afternoon.

Entrance fee: 5€ (2020)


Best Time to Visit

February to March.


Lg. Ortigueira nº1
Santa Cruz de Rivadulla
La Coruña



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