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Camellia Garden of the Ishibashi Cultural Center

Ishibashi GardenGarden Overview

The Ishibashi Cultural Center was built in 1956, very close to downtown Kurume, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Bridgestone Tire Company by Shojiro Ishibashi, the founder. The Center was then donated to Kurume City. It is a purpose-built institution furnished with many facilities including a Japanese garden and a Western-style garden for the citizens.

Our Camellias

C. 'Kurume-kingyo'The camellia garden constitutes an important part of the Center. Originally, 1,260 camellias of 40 cultivars was donated by the Kurume Camellia Research Group when the Japanese garden was built in 1970. Many specimens were added thereafter, and the garden has now got a collection of about 2,000 camellias of about 300 cultivars and species. Moreover, in recent years a few natural seedlings have appeared in the garden which have also been selected as new cultivars.

This garden is divided into five zones where you can enjoy camellias from Kurume and Japan, camellias from abroad, fragrant camellias and new seedlings.

The ’Kurume Camellia Fair’ is held in the middle of March every year in cooperation with the Kurume Camellia Garden. At the Ishibashi Cultural Center, a camellia show is held, where young camellia plants produced by camellia nurseries in Kurume are for sale. A camellia open-café is available and a concert is also held. Guided tours in the camellia garden are provided.

Contact Details

The Ishibashi Cultural Center
1015 Nakano-machi, Kurume City, Fukuoka Pref.

Email: midori@city.kurume.fukuoka.jp
Web: www.ishibashi-bunka.jp/index.html

Visitor information

Opening Times

09:00 - 17:00
Every day except
(that are not national holidays)
December 28 - January 3

Admission is free

Best Time to Visit

mid-October to mid-April
early April to mid-May
Japanese azaleas
early May to mid-June
mid-May to end of June


1015 Nakano-machi


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