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Tsubakiyama Forest Park

The observation towerGarden Overview

"Tsubakiyama Forest Park", which opened in May 1990, is located in an area between  Miyazaki City and Nichinan City. Within Tsubakiyama Forest Park, one of the most wooded areas rich with Yabu-tsubaki was established as a Camellia Garden with 1,000 cultivars of 48,000 camellia trees. It was authorized as the first International Camellia Garden of Excellence in Japan in March 2003.

The park of 41.3ha offers a space to appreciate camellia flowers everywhere, with the pathways branching off from " Tonosama road (a road of loads) " which runs north to south through it. An observation deck on the hill of the park (altitude 400m) provides a panoramic view of evergreen broadleaf natural forests and an Obi-cedar plantation. 

Much bird song can be heard from birds such as white-eyes and bush-warblers that are searching for the camellia nectar.

There is also a  campsite, available from July to September, that provides a recreational and educational area to explain and understand the surrounding nature.

Our Camellias

'C.'Beni-Hyuga'Beni-Hyūga', meaning red Hyūga (old name for Miyazaki), has been grown in the vicinity of Miyazaki city as one of the historic camellia cultivars greatly admired by camellia enthusiasts.  Old trees of 'Beni-Hyūga' can be found locally even today. Blooming time is March to April with medium to large rose-form double flowers.

Our camellia garden is unique in that, unlike most city camellia gardens, it offers a large area of natural environment where numerous camellia trees are planted informally according to natural topography, maintaining the balance between rich fauna and flora to form an enjoyable ecosystem.

C.'Flower girl'

Visitors, regardless of their ages, can enjoy, not only beautiful camellia flowers, but also fresh air through green forests along mountain streams of clear water.  

The garden is maintained regularly by Miyazaki city with active cooperation by a group of volunteers. A variety of service programs including camellia propagation techniques and camellia oil extraction are offered.

Contact Details

Tsubakiyama Forest Park
4343 - 1 Uchihira Kagamisu Miyazaki City

Tel: 0985 - 58 - 3200

Visitor information

Opening Times

8.30 am - 5 pm

Admission Free

Best Time to Visit

End February - Mid March


4343 - 1 Uchihira Kagamisu
Miyazaki City
+81 0985-58-3200


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