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Camellia garden of Tokyo Metropolitan Oshima High School

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Garden overview

Tokyo Metropolitan Oshima High School was established in 1944. It has an Agriculture and Forestry Program since then, with a vast farm for practice. The camellia garden of Oshima High School, which occupies the main part of the farm, was originally planned for the students for letting hem study the camellia, which is the most important product of the island.

3 million camellia trees grow in the island. The Oshima people have had a close relation with camellias through their history, in making camellia oil or using them as wind break. Students of Oshima High School cannot study their own tradition and history without referring to camellias.

Our camellias

The camellia garden is divided into 4 areas, Main Area, European Cultivars, Oshima Camellias (i.e. camellias originated in Oshima), and Species Area. Japanese cultivars are mostly in the Main Area.

Oshima Camellias have been introduced by the Agriculture and Forestry Department of the school since 1977. Now they are over 350 cultivars. The school keeps introducing new cultivars every year, and the cultivars are continuosly increasing.

Students guide visitors with an excellent proficiency, e.g. the explanation on the “Kagoshima” cultivar (made by a student) was adopted in a TV program. Students not only study camellia cultivation and manage their camellia garden, but also participate in many activities which contribute to local development, such as producing camellia oil with their own label, preserving gigantic old camellia tree, and promoting knowledge about camellia

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Visitor information

Opening Times

During Camellia Festival (late January-late March)

Entry Fees:

Best Time to Visit

From February to March

〒100-0101 127 Yaenomizu
Oshima town


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