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Luisenpark Mannheim


Garden Overview

With an area of 42 hectares, Luisenpark is the largest park in Mannheim. The park was designed by the famous Frankfurt based garden artist Franz Heinrich Siesmayer between 1892 and 1894 and was named after Grand Duchess Luise von Baden, daughter of Emperator Wilhem I.

In 1975 the first Bundesgartenschau (Federal Garden Show) was hosted in Mannheim‘s Luisenpark. Therefore, the park was redesigned and extended and received its current structure in the course of these changes. Approximately 8 million visitors attended the show which makes it the most successful Bundesgartenschau to this day.

In 2023, the Federal Horticultural Show will once again be held in Mannheim and Luisenpark will once again be part of this major event.

Our Camellias

The Chinese Garden was created in Luisenpark in 2001. This area includes Europe’s largest original Chinese tea house.

The new camellia garden was officially opened in October 2021 - just in time for the 20th anniversary of the Chinese Garden. Together with the peonies, a real gem has emerged there for friends of Asian flowers.

The camellia garden covers a total of approx. 1000 square meters and the team of Luisenpark gardeners is currently caring for 326 camellia plants, including 234 camellia varieties.

The expansion of the garden is gradually progressing. Generous beds on the other side of the site towards the park will be planted with camellias in the future.

Along the Kutzenweiher, not far from Chinese Garden, around 100 camellia seedlings have been planted and are thriving there just as well.

Various suptropical camellia species can be found in the newly designed greenhouse.


Luisenpark Mannheim is a supporting partner of the Plant Collections Network, coordinated by the Federal Plant Variety Office and funded by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Thus, the camellias are registered and protected.

Contact Details

Visitor address
Mannheim Theodor-
Heuss-Anlage 2
68165 Mannheim
Tel: (+49)-(0)621-4 10 05 0
Email: information@stadtpark-mannheim.de
Web: https://www.luisenpark.de

Postal address
Gartenschauweg 12
68165 Mannheim


Visitor information

Opening Times

The Luisenpark is open 365 days a year from 9 a.m.
Exit possible at any time through revolving doors.

Guided tours of the Camellia Garden are offered. Please book your appointment by phone.

Entry Fees: See website for details

Web: https://www.luisenpark.de/besucherinfo/parkbesuch/offnungszeiten-preise

Best Time to Visit

Greenhouse January - April
Outdoors March - April
Sasanqua-cultivars outdoors September to December

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