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Wanzhou Xishan Park

Wanzhou 1The entrance of the park

Garden overview

Wanzhou Xishan Park is in Wanzhou, belongs to the Chong Qing urban area, just in front of the YangTze River, in a beautiful landscape, with West Hill (Taibai Rock) that is the west border of the park, thus giving a good ecological environment.

The Park was officially built in 1925, and was named after the Xishan Taoist temple, built during Ming dynasty, about 400 years ago. In 1999, the Park was listed as one of the top 100 Chinese parks by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Chinese Park Association. 

The Park area is 90.000 square meters with six main scenic zones, i.e. Arboretum Zone (including Historic Camellias, Osmanthus, Phoebe zhennan, Neosinocalamus affinis and Wetland), Flower Garden Zone, Bell Tower Zone, Wuzhou Pond zone, Jingyuan Zone, and the famous tomb of Pilot Grigori Akimovich Kulishenko, a Soviet air force captain, who fought shoulder-to-shoulder with the Chinese people during the war against Japan in 1939.

Wanzhou 2The Bell Tower

Our camellias

The park contains over 4.500 trees of 510 taxa (12 species and 498 cultivars) of the genus Camellia, the largest camellia collection in Chongqing. Moreover, 2.300 camellia sasanqua are used as ground cover. 72 camellia trees are over 100 years old, and 16 are estimated to be over 150 years old. The oldest camellia, probably over 200 years, is ‘Zijinguan’, which is also the oldest one in Wanzhou. Chongqing is the home of the “Sichuan camellia” cultivars; actually, China has developed different cultivar breeds, and Sichuan Camellia is one of them. In 1986, the camellia was recognized as the Chongqing city flower, the first city flower in China. The collection features 33 unique cultivars.

Wanzhou 3Camellia reticulata ‘Xuejiao’ one of the most famous Chinese cultivars

Visitor information

Opening Times

Every day 6:00 am-10:00 pm

Entry Fees:

Best Time to Visit

February is the best time to enjoy Camellias

No.13 Wangpai Road
Wanzhou District
+86 23-58139773



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