2022 ICS Congress POSTPONED to 2023

ICS Directors approved the postponement of the iCS Congress to 2023, due to uncertainty of COVID pandemics.

The congress will keep the same program, with an identical schedule.

A detailed illustration is given in the 2020 ICS journal, at pages 110-120.


Pre - Congress 20-25 mar
Congress 26-28 mar
Post-Congress 29 mar - 01 apr


Day Date Location
Mon 20-mar Transfer from Malpensa airport to Lucca
Tues 21-mar Visit Firenze & Firenze gardens
Wed 22-mar Visit Lucca Villas and Gardens
Thu 23-mar Visit Compito and Compito Camellietum
Fri 24-mar Visit Pescaglia Gardens & Lucca City
Sat 25-mar Visit Genova gardens & transfer to Verbania
Sun 26-mar Verbania camellia show & Borromeo Isles
Mon 27-mar Visit Verbania Gardens
Tues 28-mar Visit Verbania Gardens & Farewell Dinner
Wed 29-mar Visit Orta San Giulio and Villa Motta
Thu 30-mar Visit Locarno Camellia Park & Gambarogno
Fri 31-mar Visit Villa Carlotta & Cernobbio (Como lake)
Sat 01-apr Transfer from Como to Malpensa Airport
Sun 02-apr  
Mon 03-apr  
Tues 04-apr  
Wed 05-apr  
Thu 06-apr  
Fri 07-apr  
Sat 08-apr  
Sun 09-apr Easter

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