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Grafting and Propagation

The International Camellia Society is blessed with some of the finest production experts in the world.

Camellias are propagated by seed, grafting and by hardwood cutting. The most popular method in most western commercial nurseries is the hardwood cutting. In China, however, new grafting techniques are producing fabulous results and rapid expansion of new varieties is possible.

This section of our site includes articles on every aspect of camellia propagation.

Chinese Bark Grafting with C. azalea

Bark Grafting the Chinese way using Camellia azalea. This article teaches how to bark graft effectively with pictorial demonstration

The Key Technology of Cutting Propagation for Camellia reticulata

Propagating Camellia reticulata using cuttings. This article is a study from China on the methods used to obtain successful propagation from Camellia reticulata

Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Promote Cultivation of Camellia Plants

To our knowledge, this is the first large-scale application of ectomycorrhizal fungi to cultivation of Camellia plants.

Plant Regeneration from Cotyledons and Young Embryos

Somatic embryogenesis and plantlet regeneration were achieved from cotyledons of immature seeds of Camellia chekiangoleosa collected in July and August.

Callus Formation and Plant Regeneration

Leaves and nodal segments were used as explants to study the main factors related to induction of callus tissue, shoots differentiation and rooting of adventitious buds.

Differentiation of adventitious buds and induction of somatic embryos derived from immature cotyledons of Camellia azalea

The induction and differentiation experiments of adventitious buds were conducted with somatic embryos derived from cotyledons of Camellia azalea

New Varieties with Camellia chuangtsoensis

A comparative study was made among C.chuangtsoensis, C.ptilosperma and C. longzhouensis. The species scions were successfully grafted for propagation purpose under continuous observation.

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