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Hubei Wunaoshan National Forest Park

The Foding Camellia Garden in MarchThe Foding Camellia Garden in March

Garden Overview

Wunaoshan National Forest Park, formerly Wunaoshan Forest Farm, was founded in 1957, and is affiliated to Macheng Forestry Bureau of Macheng Government in Hubei province. Also, the National Elite Variety Center of Camellia oleifera, the Hubei Provincial Center for Ecological Civilization Education, as well as the Workstation for Academician Experts were set up in this park. The total area is estimated to 24 square kilometers.

The Park is located 4 kilometers from Macheng downtown, Hubei. Wunaoshan is easy to access throughout China. It is both 20-minute from the exit of Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway and Wuhan-Macheng Freeway (S3), and Beijing-Guangzhou Highway (G106) passes near the foot of the Mountain. It is less than 20 kilometers from Macheng Railway Station, and 80 kilometers from Wuhan Airport.

The Park is rich in plant germplasm resources; the forest coverage is up to 95%, and features 64 families and 156 species, with a comfortable temperate climate with well-marked four seasons. During spring season, visitors can enjoy many thousand camellias and azaleas.

The Grand Camellia World is located along the Lake of Huxing (Tiger Shape), with planned 667 hectares planned area, which includes various gardens, namely Foding Camellia, Camellia Tour, Seedling Stock, Bonsai, and Cultivar Collection.

Our Camellias

The Park offers a wide collection of camellias. Species are 10, and 59 cultivars of C. oleifera. C. japonica comprises 132 cultivars of Chinese origin. C. japonica cultivars originated from outside China are 124. The Park also offers a sample of 13 C.reticulata and 10 C.sasanqua while camellia hybrids total about 40.


Hubei Wunaoshan camellia Hubei Wunaoshan

The Camellia japonica ‘Foding’ was grafted at the Foding Camellia Garden in 1957
and recognized as the Biggest Foding Camellia (Canopy 6.8 m, Height 5.0 m, Diameter at graft position 23.6 cm)
by the China Records in 2015.

Hubei Wunaoshan 4
Camellia chekiangoleosa, a wild species of Central China

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Hubei Wunanshan National Forest Park
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Hubei Wunanshan National Forest Park


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