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President's Message 2022 /23

3 Jan 2023

In this second semester, I have been reviewing the gardens of excellence to be confirmed in 2022...

New subscription fees apply for 2023

17 Nov 2022

Please note the fees apply for 2023 and show the expected remittance from the ICS regions + Applicable local surcharges...

2023 NZ National Camellia Show and Convention

4 Oct 2022

Come and join us in New Zealand in 2023 to see what we can grow. The area where the show will be held has world class gardens in particular, Pukeiti Rhododendron Gardens. It is also the home of the Jury Gardens.

ICS Apoliu Declaration Presentation at 7th Global Botanic Gardens Congress in Melbourne, September 2022

1 Aug 2022

Awareness of our ICS Declaration to conserve ancient and historic camellia trees will be raised in a brief presentation at this global conference of botanic gardens representatives.


1 Aug 2022


President’s Message 2022 – Midyear

4 Jul 2022

In this first semester a lot of work has been done...

Message to the ICS Management

22 Jun 2022

Herewith some more information about our refreshed website. Tribal (the Web Design Team) have completed the first phase of the website changes. Beside a new view of the Home page, we (*) have tried to make to make certain aspects more visible.

会長のメッセージ2022 - President's Message 2022

7 Feb 2022

ICS会長として最初のメッセージです。 管開雲とパット・ショートの良き後継者になることを願っています。

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