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Nonoichi Central Park

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Garden Overview

Nonoichi Central Park, the largest city park, opened in 1979. It features a children’s playground, wide lawns as well as a baseball field and other sport facilities, with a total area of 67,000m2. Although camellias have always been along the park paths, the park became a reference for camellia lovers with the opening, in 2017, of ‘Nonoichi Tsubaki Kan’ and ‘Tsubaki Yama’.

Our Camellias

Nonoichi Central Park hosts around 1,700 camellias of 400 cultivars. Camellias are hosted in two different locations, namely Tsubaki Kan, a pavilion for exhibition, and Tusbaki Yama, a hill where camellias are planted.

In Tsubaki Kan, we display at their blooming peak some 500 camellias, selected from the 700 potted plants (300 cultivars). Other potted 200 plants are in the near Cultivation Building. By frequently renovating our exhibition, we intend to keep Tsubaki Kan attractive for a long period.

Tsubaki Yama hosts other 800 camellia (200 cultivars).

Last not least, camellia is Nonoichi’s city flower from 1974, and ‘Nonoichi’, a cultivar named after the city, was released in the same year.

nonoichi 2Nonoichi Tsubaki Kan

nonoichi 3Tsubaki Yama

nonoichi 4Camellia japonica ‘Nonoichi’


Contact Details

Nonoichi Central Park 
Shimobayashi 3-91, Nonoichi City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan



Visitor information

Opening Time

Always open. However, Nonoichi Tsubaki Kan is open from 9:00 to 16:00 (closed 12/29-1/3)


Entrance fee: Free


Best Time to Visit

February to March


Shimobayashi 3-91
Nonoichi City
Ishikawa Prefecture



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