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Our organisation: Regions and Officers

ICS is geographically organized in Regions,each one corresponding to a country. Regions gather the local ICS members and are supported by a ICS Representative and a Region Director, who are elected by the ICS regional members. Larger regions may have two or more Directors.

ICS Regions are grouped into geographical groups, namely Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, and Africa (which includes only South Africa). Each group (except Africa) is supported by a Vice President, who is appointed by the Directors of the related ICS Regions.

Central ICS roles include President, Past President, Treasurer, Secretary, Journal Editor, Otomo-Haydon Research Fund Chairman, Membership Registrar, Camellia Dictionary Registrar, and Web Manager. Those appointments are decided by the Directors, in the Director's Meeting, during the ICS Congress. 

Our profile

The Camellia genus includes over 260 species, among them, the Tea tree (Camellia  sinensis). Camellias species have originated over 30.000 ornamental varieties, obtained mainly from Camellia japonica, but also from Camellia sasanqua, Camellia saluenensis, Camellia reticulata, and other species. The color of camellia flowers range from white to red, and from pale to dark yellow. Thanks to the beauty of their flowers, ornamental camellias have spread from Asia to the whole world.  

ICS is an international non-profit society (legally called "charity"), with almost 2.000 members worldwide, which promotes the knowledge, the cultivation, and the development of Camellias through various initiatives. 

Every 2 years a worldwide  congress, alternatively held in Asia, Europe, Oceania and USA, gathers ICS members, who discuss issues and perspectives in the collection and cultivation, in the research on species, in the development of new varieties, and in the conservation.

ICS Gardens of Excellence, distributed throughout the world, show the varieties and species typical to each region (see the guide in this website). Ad hoc parks and funds are created to preserve endangered wild species.

Every year ICS publishes a journal for ICS members, which can be retrieved in this website. It contains valuable  articles on new species, on new varieties, and,  of course, on the life of ICS. 

Through the Otomo-Haydon Research Fund, ICS also funds research and conservation initiatives. Finally, ICS has published and mantains the Camellia Register, which lists over 24.000 cultivated varieties of camellias, as well as 25.000 related synonyms etc. A web edition is accessible from this website.


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