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Conservation and Preservation

One of the flagship tasks undertaken by the ICS and its regional members in the 21st Century relates to the identification and conservation of rare or historic camellias.

Below you will find articles written by contributors across the globe on this subject

Conservation and preservation of rare and endangered Camellia species

Conservation and preservation of rare and endangered Camellia species in the sub-tropical rainforests of Viet Nam and China

Germplasm Conservation of Camellias in China

Conservation of camellias in China is an important part of the work being done by the International camellia society

Establishment and characterization of a field germplasm bank of Camellia reference cultivars

Scientific articles on camellias such as this are an essential part of the International Camellia Society

Protection of Historic Camellias in Goto Islands

In 2006, an attempt was made to improve the growth of an historic camellia tree named ′Toki-hime′ tsubaki by adding top-soil as mulch, which was distinctly effective in stimulating new shoot growth.

A summary of camellia conservation around the world

The conservation or preservation of antique and historic cultivars starts with identification for which world-wide co-operation is suggested through the ICS.

A challenging way to save the ancient camellia tree

Since the 1980s, this tree has become badly injured by people taking scions and by inappropriate protection practices. The local government became involved in 2011 with some protection practices.

Preservation and conservation of ancient Theaceae germplasm from biological refuges in Vietnam

The possible origins and the preservation and conservation of this ancient Camellia and Theaceae germplasm is deemed to be of paramount importance

Multi-Characteristic Descriptions of Camellia Cultivars for Long-Term Identification and Conservation

Long-term recognition, identification and conservation of camellia cultivars require exacting descriptions of flowers, vegetative parts, and of the whole plant.

The Camellia Ark: Australia’s New Camellia Conservation Project

The E. G. Waterhouse National Camellia Gardens at Caringbah in Sydney has funded a project called the Camellia Ark to conserve for Australian horticulture a representative sample of vulnerable camellias

Conservation strategies of Camellia japonica in China and Japan

C. japonica had a higher level of genetic diversity than other species

Introduction of the Field Genebank for Camellia sasanqua in Anji Zhejiang

By the end of 2004, we established a field genebank for Camellia sasanqua in Anji, Zhejiang.

Conservation and Cultivation of Yellow Camellia Species

Habitat destruction serious threatens Yellow Camellia population in the field. Thus, the conservation of Yellow Camellia becomes an important issue.

Conservation of Golden Camellias

Kunming Botanical Garden has now become an important institution in the conservation of yellow camellias

Preservation of Yellow Camellia Resources

focused on taxonomic systems, geographic distribution and preservation status of yellow camellia germplasm resources in Guangxi

Recovery for the exhausted ancient camellia tree in China

Mr. Wang Jiayun, the director of Wenzhou Camellia Society began the recovery of this camellia tree from 2011 with the support of local government.

The Journey to a new National Collection

The setting up of a new National Collection of Camellia reticulata and its hybrids.

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