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Tsubaki Hana Garden 2

Garden overview

Tsubaki-Hana-Garden (Camellia Flower Garden) is a private camellia garden owned by Takashi Yamashita, the curator, who designed, made up and maintained the garden. Total area is 17.5 ha; besides the camellia garden, there are a hydrangea garden, a rabbit habitat and other facilities.

In the camellia garden, there is an excellent vista point of Mt. Fuji. We call it "Fujimi-ga-oka (Mt. Fuji watching hill)". When it is clear, you can see the great scenery of Mt. Fuji behind the ocean from the vast lawn. Around the lawn, early blooming camellias from Oshima are planted.

Tsubaki Hana Garden 3

Our camellias

The collection of extremely early blooming camellia is a remarkable feature of this garden. 'Kobayashi' and 'Mabushi' are the curator's own selection. The earliest flower usually opens in early September. Most of these early bloomers are the selection from the wild Camellia japonica in Oshima. They are planted around Fujimi-ga-oka.

The main theme of the garden is "beauty". The garden is designed for the visitors to enjoy the beautiful flowers, beautiful bushes and beautiful sceneries of camellia rather than offering the knowledge about camellia. The visitors shall be astonished by the beauty of the garden.

The curator's guide for visitors about camellia is highly estimated. He likes to talk about "around the world" camellia as his garden has 'Masayoshi'/'Donkelarii'; 'Ville de Nantes' and 'Lady Kay', which are sport from 'Masayoshi', are planted nearby

Tsubaki Hana Garden 1


Visitor information

Opening Times

9:00-15:00 except Wednesday and Thursday  (Off season) ; 9:00-16:30 every day (On season)

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Best Time to Visit

From February to March

41-1 Tsubaitsuki
Oshima town


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