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Kurume Camellia Garden

Kurume GardenGarden Overview

The Kurume Camellia Garden is located at the northern foot of the Mino Mountain Range. It was opened in March 2009 to commemorate the holding of the ICS 2010 Kurume Congress as well as the 120th anniversary of the creation of the municipal system of Kurume City. The newly built ‘Kurume Camellia Garden’ is the site for relaxation with flowers and green surroundings, arranged as the central facility of the project to make a home town of camellias and azaleas, aiming to promote the green industry and to re-generate the locality.

The site was a former garden developed in the Meiji period and the old plantings including old camellias have been retained. The Garden is divided into four zones of camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons and maples, and you can enjoy them in every season. The Garden utilises the Mino Mountain Range as sshakei (borrowed scenery) so that you can enjoy strolling through the Garden seeing not only the flowers of camellias and azaleas but also the beautiful landscape.

Our Camellias

C. 'Masayoshi'The Garden, 3 hectares in area, is planted with camellias and azaleas as the main plantings together with some other landscape trees. There are more than 3,000 camellia trees of about 500 cultivars and species including camellias which were growing at the site previously. About 500 azaleas of about 200 cultivars are also planted there.

’Kurume Camellia Fair’ is held in the middle of March every year in cooperation with the Ishibashi Cultural Center. In Kusano-machi, ‘Camellia Walking’, ‘Camellia Open Garden’ (visiting private gardens) and guided tours in the Kurume Camellia Garden are included in the program.

Contact Details

Kurume Camellia Garden
546-1 Kusano-machi, Kurume City, Fukuoka Pref.
(20 minutes by car from downtown Kurume)


Visitor information

Opening Times

All year
24 hours a day

Admission is free

Best Time to Visit

mid-October - mid-April
early April to mid-May
Japanese azaleas
early May to mid-June
mid-May to end June


546-1 Kusano-machi
(20 minutes by car from downtown Kurume)


Disabled access

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