Camellia japonica Alba PlenaHistoric Camellia japonica Alba Plena

One of the original camellia varieties to be recognised by the modern world. Alba Plena is first listed in Andrew's Botanical Repository in 1797 and again in the 1812 Botanical Repository.

This cultivar was brough to England from China in 1792 by Captain John Corner on the East Indiaman "Carnatic". It was then introduced to the USA by Floy in 1800 for John Stevens of New Jersey.

The camellia bears a full double, symetrically imbricated (formal), medium to large size, white flower, showing no stamens and opening flat. It is about 10cm across and 3.5cm deep. The petals decrease in size towards the centre. A medium to slow growing plant with light green foliage, leaves ovate. Sometimes twisted and turned down at the apex.

An early example can be found at the recently restored Chiswick House, in their Camellia Conservatory.
Chiswick run an annual Camellia Festival. Details can be found here


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