Hybridisation Articles 

New Generation Camellia Hybrids

Create new hybrids that they can bloom year-round using crosses between C. azalea and other species

Breeding Golden Camellia Varieties

The paper introduces the main techniques in past three decades breeding Golden Camellias

Camellia Breeding to Develop Yellow Camellia Flowers

My purpose of camellia breeding is to develop new camellias to have yellow or creamy color flower.

Yellow flowered hybrids produced from non-yellow Camellia species

Through the cross-combination, C. japonica cultivar, ‘Tama Beauty’ x C. amplexicaulis, two pale-yellow hybrids were obtained

Crosses between Camellia azalea and other Camellias

These summer-blooming hybrids showed that a significant breakthrough on camellia breeding has been achieved in China.

An excellent cultivar derived from F2 hybrids of Camellia nitidissima

Thousands of controlled pollinations have been carried out using Camellia nitidissima as seed parent, and some species of C. japonica, C. reticulata, C. sasanqua, C. oleifera as pollen parents.

It is Joyful and Fun to Breed New Camellias Effectively

The effective and joyful way of camellia hybridization is summarized in this paper.

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