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Invitation to 2020 International Camellia
Congress in Goto, Japan

February 29th – March 6th, 2020

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Executive Committee for the 2020 IC Congress in Goto

Outlook of Goto

Goto city, located about 100 km west of Nagasaki, south-westernmost part of the Japanese Archipelago, is composed of several islands blessed with natural beauty of volcano and sea coast. And the Tsushima Warm Current brings the ideal climate for Camellia japonica. Then 4.4 million camellia trees grow wild there and Goto city is famous for the No.1 production of camellia oil in Japan and for a hometown of the famous camellia cultivar, ‘Tama-no-ura’ with single but beautiful white-bordered red petals found in 1947 by a charcoal burner in Tama-no-ura Town of Goto city. There you cannot miss not only the ‘Tama-no-ura’ but also traditional camellia-related products and culture such as the famous camellia oil industry and abundant camellia trees for windbreak.

goto japan 1‘Tama-no-ura’

The population of Goto city is approximately 40,000 and the main industries of Goto city are fishing, farming and tourism for its beautiful nature and for its long history as a port for foreign trading and diplomatic relay base such as China or European countries in ancient times. Therefore, they were deeply influenced by the occidental and oriental culture including Christianity. Goto city is especially famous for the Japan’s Hidden Christian sites and the UNESCO added it to the World Cultural Heritage list in 2018. Because of the islands away from the mainland, old traditions or culture of Japan had been well preserved.

Goto city can be easily accessible from Fukuoka International Airport in 40 minutes and it takes less than 2 hours from Tokyo (Haneda International Airport or Narita International Airport) or Osaka (Osaka Itami International Airport or Kansai International Airport) to Fukuoka by plane. Otherwise, ferry services take you from Fukuoka city or Nagasaki city to Goto city while you are sleeping in a cabin.

Why not Go To GoTo together !!! Ancient bridge islands to China and European countries, natural beauty, gastronomy, unique culture and 4.4 million wild camellia trees are waiting for you.

Note: Please search and find the promotion video on the‘2020 International Camellia Congress in Goto’ on YouTube (


Goto Congress (February 29th to March 6th, 2020)

(There might be a change in schedule.)

Congress sessions will be taken place in the mornings during the Congress and in the afternoons we are visiting various camellia spots on Goto Islands. Then the annual JCS Camellia Summit is simultaneously being held and the enthusiastic participants from all over Japan will share this commemorating time, giving a unique chance to exchange views and information with the excellent camellia experts who come all the way from all over the world.

February 29 (Saturday)

Registration and Welcome Party

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March 1 (Sunday)

Morning : Opening ceremony

Afternoon : Museum of History and Goto Camellia Garden (International Camellia Garden of Excellence, ICGoE)

March 2 (Monday)

Morning : Research presentation at the City Hall

Afternoon : The birthplace of ‘Tama-no-ura’ camellia and the Osezaki Lighthouse

March 3 (Tuesday)

Morning : Research presentation at the City Hall

Afternoon : Mizunoura Church, Takahama Beach (Japanese beach 100 selection)

March 4 (Wednesday)

Morning : Research presentation at the City Hall

Afternoon : Former Gorin Church (World Heritage) and Egami Church (World Heritage)

March 5 (Thursday)

Optional tour (City walks, citizen or cultural exchange) or free

Evening : Closing session and Farewell Party

March 6 (Friday)

Leave Goto city for Nagasaki city by ferry boat

Sightseeing in Nagasaki city (Siebold Memorial Hall etc.)

goto japan 2 Siebold Memorial HallSiebold Memorial Hall


After finishing all the visits, you will be transferred to Nagasaki Airport or Nagasaki rail way station. Those who participate post congress tour leave for Osaka Airport from Nagasaki Airport.



Pre-Congress Tour (February 24th to 29th, 2020)

(There might be a change in schedule.)

Pre-Congress Tour will be started in Fukuoka City on February 24. Participants will assemble at a hotel near Fukuoka airport in the late afternoon on February 24th. Bus tour will take you not only the four International Camellia Gardens of Excellence (ICGoE) on Kyushu Island but also the hometown of Higo camellia and Higo sasanqua.


February 24 (Monday)

18:00 Gather at a hotel in Fukuoka city

Pre-tour group ceremony, dinner party

Afternoon : An optional tour around the old downtown of Fukuoka city on foot will be prepared in the afternoon. A part of UNESCO heritage, the festival decoration float can be seen at Kushida shrine.

goto japan 3 Kushida shrineKushida shrine

February 25 (Tuesday)

Suizenji Park (

Short training course for Higo camellia (Higo camellia Society)

goto japan 4 Suizenji ParkSuizenji Park

February 26 (Wednesday)

Morning : Shoko-Shuseikan ( , a historical and industrializing museum of Japanese modernization and Iso Garden in Kagoshima city

Afternoon : Tsubakiyama Forest Park (ICGoE) in Miyazaki city

goto japan 5 Tsubakiyama Forest ParkTsubakiyama Forest Park

February 27 (Thursday)

Morning : Spontaneous white flower trees of C. japonica in Nobeoka city

Afternoon : Camellia garden of the Oita Agricultural Park (ICGoE) and camellia garden of the Ornamental Horticulture Research Station of Oita Prefecture (using hot spring heat) in Beppu city

goto japan 6 Oita Agricultural ParkOita Agricultural Park

February 28 (Friday)

Morning : Ishibashi Cultural Center (ICGoE) in Kurume city

goto japan 7 Ishibashi Cultural CenterIshibashi Cultural Center

Afternoon : Kurume Camellia Garden and World Camellia Pavilion (ICGoE)

goto japan 8 Kurume Camellia GardenKurume Camellia Garden

February 29 (Saturday)

Morning : Dazaifu Shrine

Afternoon : You will be transferred to Goto Tsubaki Airport from Fukuoka International Airport.



Post-Congress Tour(March 6th to March 11th,2020)

(There might be a change in schedule.)

In the post tour you will visit Osaka Museum of Natural History and enjoy the ICS awarded Dr. Kishikawa Collection of Camellia Books. There are hundreds of old and important camellia books written in both Japan and European countries. Another highlight is to visit the Ohshima camellia gardens, responding to the enthusiastic appeal or request by the ICS members. 


March 6 (Friday)

Flight to Osaka (Itami) International Airport from Nagasaki Airport

March 7 (Saturday)

Morning : Osaka Museum of Natural History (Kishikawa Collection of Camellia Books)

goto japan 9 Kishikawa Collection of Camellia BooksKishikawa Collection of Camellia Books


Afternoon : Gion (famous geisha area in Kyoto city

March 8 (Sunday)

Morning : Kyoto Craft Mart, Okumura's house for‘Goshiki-chiri-tsubaki’

Afternoon : Nijo Castle and Kyoto Prefectural Botanic Garden

Flight to Haneda International Airport, Tokyo from Osaka (Itami) International Airport

goto japan 10 Nijo CastleNijo Castle

March 9 (Monday)

Morning : Camellia garden of Tokyo Metropolitan Oshima Park (ICGoE),

goto japan 11 Tokyo Metropolitan Oshima ParkTokyo Metropolitan Oshima Park


Afternoon : Camellia garden of Tokyo Metropolitan Oshima High School (ICGoE) and wild camellia forests on (Izu) Oshima island

March 10 (Tuesday)

Morning : Tsubaki-Hana Garden (ICGoE) and camellia oil industry

goto japan 12 Tsubaki Hana GardenTsubaki-Hana Garden


Afternoon : Leave Oshima for Kurihama by a jet ship.

Sankeien Garden and China town in Yokohama city

March 11 (Wednesday)

Morning : Camellia garden of Kodomo-no-kuni


After finishing all the visits, you will be transferred to Haneda or Narita International Airport.

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