ICS Committee for Historic Camellia Conservation - Meeting in Guangdong Province China

(15-20 October 2019)

Preparations are underway for the 2nd meeting of the Committee in Guangdong China with an exciting 5 day programme culminating in two formal sessions of the Committee in Conghua on the consecutive afternoons of 19 and 20 October 2019. This will potentially set a new milestone for the ICS as the Committee will develop a draft International Protocol for Conservation of Ancient and Historic Camellia Trees. Participation is by invitation only to Committee members and key experts, but there may be a few spare places for other ICS camellia experts with an interest in this matter. All internal China expenses including accommodation will be covered by Apoliu Camellia Tourism Valley in Conghua District. The ICS thanks Apoliu Camellia Tourism Valley for its wonderful generosity in covering the costs of the meeting and associated programme.

Overseas participants must cover the costs of travel to and from China. For enquiries and interest in possible participation, please contact Dr Stephen Utick, Chair of the Committee on sutick@grapevine.com.au


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