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President's Message 2022 /23

Gianmario Motta ICS PresidentIn this second semester, I have been reviewing the gardens of excellence to be confirmed in 2022. All the gardens were confirmed, except Magnolia Gardens, which, anyway, can submit their application from 2023 onwards. The confirmation evidence will be emailed to you. In the Congress Director’s meeting, we will discuss New Criteria and the applications of new gardens.

The preparation of Congress is going on. So far, both payments and registrations are fewer than expected. Till now, we received about 100 confirmed registrations (registration + payment) for the Congress (300 expected), 80 for the pre-congress (150 expected), and 70 for the post-congress (100 expected). The registrations have been numerous from Oceania and Japan, average from the Americas, and scarce from Europe. Up to now, we are awaiting confirmed registrations from China, delayed by the COVID situation.

On the other side, the papers submitted for the Scientific Congress are numerous and of excellent quality. Professor Wang is currently revising and editing them. With Professor Tanaka and Mr. Sue Takano, an encyclopedia on camellia sasanqua will be presented in the 2023 Congress.

Let me mention new appointments. I asked Ms Anke Koschitz to be the ICS Secretary, to replace Ms Lin Siyu, who generously held the task in 2022. Anke kindly accepted. All of us know Anke, director of Germany, a very active member. She will support me in coordinating programs for younger people and handling the rather demanding procedures of ICS.

Finally, let me remember two members who passed away in December. Just few months before the Congress members could visit his Camellietum in Compito, Augusto Orsi left us. Few days after, Zhang Fangyu, a dear friend, who organized the Chuxiong Congress, passed away. You will find their obituary on our website; indeed, they deserve not only to be remembered but also imitated.

Last not least, happy new year – something we really need!

Gianmario Motta
ICS President

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