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Sasanqua book

ICS has published the first and unique book on Sasanquas, which is their most comprehensive illustration in English.

Written in English, Chinese, and Japanese, it illustrates about 300 cultivars and was composed by an international team, guided by professor Tanaka, a world recognized expert of sasanquas,

supported by Caroline Bell (UK), Yves Chapel (France), Stephen Utick (Australia), Pilar Vela Fernandez (Spain) Gianmario Motta (Italy), Sueo Takano (Japan), Zhonglang Wang (China).

Besides the descriptions of cultivars, the book contains comprehensive articles on the origin of cultivated Sasanquas, their cultivation history and their introduction in the West.

The price of the book is 40 euro and all sales will go to ICS. To buy the book, please contact Anke Koschitz ak@koschitz.de for Europe, UK and USA , and professor Tanaka ttanaka@agri.u-tokai.ac.jp for Asia and Oceania.

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