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In memoriam of Augusto Orsi

Only a few months before the 2023 ICS Congress came to his beloved Camellietum, Augusto Orsi passed away on December 12th, 2022. Augusto, born in 1944, counselor of Capannori Municipality, where the Camellietumn is, was the curator of Camellietun for about 20 years. A man full of incredible energy, he led the Camellietum to become one of the largest of Europe, and, also, one of the best structured in thematic areas - japonica, sasanqua, reticulata, species, didactical section, etc. With an outstanding skill in public relations, he transformed Compito in a Camellia Borough, with hundreds of camellias in private gardens and orchards, and camellia festivals for both the spring and autumn camellias, which are attracting thousands of visitors, thus popularizing camellias.

Augusto was incredibly generous, spending all his energies for the Camellietum , and considering himself only as a simple worker, like only great men do. I will always remember my friend Augusto, receiving the award of International Camellia Garden of Excellence.


Augusto Orsi

Prof. Gianmario Motta,
President of the International Camellia Society.


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