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Message to the ICS Management

Dear Mr. President,
Dear All,

Herewith some more information about our refreshed website.

Tribal (the Web Design Team) have completed the first phase of the website changes. Beside a new view of the Home page, we (*) have tried to make to make certain aspects more visible.

To mention some of the changes, via the nodes on top, you can go from the Home page straight to

  • "Our Organization" where all organization related documents have been posted.
  • the "Int'l Camellia Register", which is continuously maintained by Prof. Wang Zhonglang
  • the "Gardens of Excellence". 


You will also see that a new subject has been added under "Gardens of Excellence", which is called "Other Gardens & Parks".
We think this is interesting information for travelers, wanting to combine their visit to a Garden of Excellence with other Gardens or Parks in the area.

Any other place, where Camellias can be admired in your region, can be added there. If you could provide the name of the place + the website, as you can see an example on, happy to add.

I also would like to remind you that on the "Regional Officers" Page, your local website can be added. ex. on If you would like to add your local URL, pls let me know

Anke Koschtz is working out the Media Plan and once ICS accounts have been created for Facebook and Instagram, links from our website
will be activated. Posting short YouTube videos about Camellias is another plan in the pipeline. More information about the links to Social Media will follow.

The next phase, installing the translation mode, will start in a few days. Once that is ready, Tribal will provide templates to complete per language, to be uploaded. Languages which will be added are Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish,
for all selection nodes and for a few texts, as the "Welcome words", "Join Us" + the templates to fill out for
"Joining" and to "Contact us".

If you would find bugs, or if you would have any suggestion to add a particular subject, we didn't think of, pls don't hesitate to report.


(*) The applied modifications are not only my ideas.

I was assisted by Pilar Vela, Carmen Salinero, Pat Short, Janine Buckley and Anke Koschitz who's advice and suggestions were extremely valuable to reach this result and for which Big Thanks!

At the same time, I also would like to address the Translators: Zhonglang Wang, Tadashi Karato, Pilar Vela, Anke Koschitz and Joana Andresen, who's work was very helpful and much appreciated.

Enjoy the new view and the use of the ICS web!

Best regards
Frieda Delvaux


Web design by Tribal Systems