Identification Articles and DNA Research

A review of extant taxonomic systems

Comparisons between the taxonomic systems of Sealy, Chang & Bartholomew, Ming & Bartholomew and of the synopses of Ho and Gao indicate the existence of diametrical differences in approaches to the taxonomy of genus Camellia.

Research in Molecular Characterization of Ornamental Camellias

This model proposes a group of genes, categorized into A, B, and C, a regulating master switch of floral organ identities.

New yellow Camellia species from North Vietnam

Vietnam has suitable climatic conditions for the growth and development of the species in the Camellia genus.

Re-discovered species of Camellia krempfii

Re-discovered species of Camellia krempfii (Gagnep.) Sealy in Vietnam: a critique of Luong Van Duong, Truong Quang Cuong, Pham Huu Nhan, Le Nguyet Hai Ninh article, pp.139-141, International Camellia Society Journal (ICSJ) 2014, Journal Number 46

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